Discover Denver: RiNo Galleries

5RiNo Gallery Tour Map.png

Tour compiled by Conner Dawson
Art by Book Williams Jr.
Photos by Conner Dawson

RiNo is expanding quickly, with new apartment complexes and businesses going up everywhere you look. As RiNo continues to develop, it should be distinguished first and foremost as a  community for creative aspiration and collaboration rather than a mass of craft breweries and trendy fitness studios. To find the “Art District” roots of RiNo, this walking tour will bring you to the galleries where artists strive to create meaningful art in a meaningful community.


Start at Helikon Gallery & Studios.

Helikon Gallery & Studios provides exhibition space for contemporary artists producing illustrative arts. The building offers guests a coffee bar, 14 artists’ studios, retail space composed of low-budget and high-budget art, and a classroom space so you can learn from the experts. Visit the gallery to witness the impressive mural on the entrance of the building and get a glimpse of Denver’s artistic talent.

3675 Wynkoop St.  •


Walk two blocks to the Plinth Gallery.

Plinth Gallery was bought in 2006, gutted, and transformed into a gallery workshop space. The gallery exhibits ceramic artwork from 40 artists. Exhibitions rotate six times a year and each new artist presented is introduced by an artist showcase. After each showcase, there is a two-day ceramics workshop.

3520 Brighton Blvd.  •


Head a block down 35th Street to The Lot.

“Denver’s little slice of Hollywood,” The Lot, is a film industry networking resource. The Lot is a creative community offering resources to help artists produce content for television, film, and music. As an inclusive environment anyone can use their studios, but a rent fee is expected.

3435 Wynkoop St.  •


Take a drink break at Great Divide.

Great Divide has been brewing for 24 years but their location in RiNo opened just two years ago. Their taproom is uniquely designed to create a relaxing space to knock back a few craft brews. Great Divide posts special event information on their website, so be sure to check it out before paying them a visit to enhance your drinking experience.

1812 35th St.  •


Finish by taking in the mural behind RiNo Athletics.

In an alleyway situated behind RiNo Athletics, seemingly from nowhere emerges an awe-inspiring mural. The mural covers the back portion of the building and depicts a samurai carrying a child. Make sure to inspect all corners of buildings in RiNo for other unbelievable murals!

3595 Wynkoop St.