Discover Denver: Denver Street Art

4Street Art Tour Map.png

Tour Compiled by Robert Davis
Art by Book Williams Jr.

One of Denver’s best-kept secrets is the city’s street art. Many murals were commissioned by businesses looking to spruce up their neighborhood. Others were painted by local artists who contribute to the vibrancy of the city as much as the Rocky Mountains looming in the horizon. Here is a great tour of the best pieces to see while in the Mile High City while they last..


Start with “Denver 1859.” 

There’s an old saying, “You don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.” Denver artists Delton Demarest and Harrison Nealey painted this piece as a reminder of the gold diggers that came to town in the year following the incorporation of Denver. Sound familiar? It should, this likely won’t be your first time seeing this piece. 

15th St. & Platte St.


Catch the 44 bus from 15th Street to “Larimer Boy and Girl.”  

It may surprise you to know there is a nearly 1:1 ratio of men and women in Denver. This piece symbolizes how interconnected men and women are. If you walk south down Larimer,, you see the girl. Turn around and walk north to see the boy appear. It’s certainly a Denver-esque experience. 

27th St. & Larimer St.


Take the 48 bus to Champa and 18th, then hop the 15 bus to see “Colfax is for Lovers.”  

Cool-cat Denver artists Pat Milbery and Pat McKinney painted this piece. It is on the east-facing wall of Lost Lake Lounge, a great dive bar to visit later at night. We love this weird alley cat.

Colfax Ave. & Monroe St.


Stroll down Colfax, or catch the 15 bus if you’re tired, and see the “Project Colfax” installation.

A couple of years ago, 30 artists came together to revitalize the look of East Colfax with a graffiti art installation at the site of an old car wash. Many of the artists who contributed are known local artists who have work featured across the city, including Mark Graves, Koko Bayer, and Dread. The result is a gorgeous and visually fascinating combination of styles on one large canvass. The site of Project Colfax is now fenced off, and the plans for its future are unknown, but you can still check it out from the sidewalk.

Colfax Ave. & Williams St.


Take the 15 bus to Colfax & Broadway. Then catch one last bus to Kalamath and West 9th via the 9 bus to finish with “Love This City.”  

If you don’t love Denver after traveling all around looking at the best street art it has to offer, we don’t know what more to offer you. This piece is a reminder of Denver’s incredible people you’ll meet along the way. It is one of many murals spread around the city with warm tones and puzzle piece construction to remind you that we’re all connected in some way.

7th Ave. & Santa Fe