Discover Denver: Vendor Spots

7Vendor Locations Map.png

Tour compiled by Sarah Ford Art by Book Williams Jr.  

VOICE vendors have become as much a staple of our city as the restaurants, sites, and attractions highlighted in these tours. You may run into some of our vendors on any of these tours or spot one outside of the next Broncos or Rockies game. However, some loyal readers have been asking where they can reliably find our vendors to pick up each month’s edition of the paper. To help, our final tour highlights some locations where you can count on finding one of our hardworking vendors. Although this tour will show you where you can get our paper, it will also bring you to some of the best and most well-loved parts of Denver along the way.


Start with a trop to the Tattered Cover and see Randy at 16th and Wynkoop.

An avid reader, Randy sets up near one of his favorite spots in Denver – the Tattered Cover. You can find him on the corner most weekdays from the late morning to evening as everyone goes to and from Union Station. Grab your VOICE, then head into Tattered Cover for more great reading options.


Head down 16th Street and visit Joe at 16th and Welton.

You’ll hear Joe’s shouts of “Denver VOICE” from down the street. Be sure to stop and grab an issue. You can expect to find Joe around midday, as he vends to all the lunch-going workers on the mall. While you’re there, you may also run into Armand outside of Jamba Juice or the light rail station at 16th and Stout.


Grab a bite to eat in the business district and chat with Penny at 17th & Welton.

Those who work in the business district are so used to seeing Penny in her spot at the corner of 17th and Welton that the VOICE will get calls if she misses a few days of work. I n fact, she even has a group of customers who have dubbed themselves Penny’s “fan club!” It’s hard not to be a fan of Penny. If you want to be come a fan, too, start a conversation with Penny and get ready to hear some amazing stories (ask her about hanging out with Johnny Cash). If you’re feeling hungry afterward, you are right across the street from Salvaggio’s Deli, and your near to Bayou Bob’s Appaloosa Grill, and Bruegger’s Bagels.


Make your way over to the Auraria Campus to
buy a paper from John.

You’ll find that everyone on the bustling Auraria campus knows John. After 10 years with the VOICE, he has become more than just a vendor to the students, professors, and hundreds of others who frequent the campus. John considers his customers “family,” and he’ll be more than happy to bring you into the fold. You may have to wait for a student to finish telling him about their finals stress first!


Do some shopping at the South Pearl Street Farmer’s Market with Brian.

Brian may not be one of the produce vendors who sets up a stand at the Pearl Street Farmer’s Market each weekend, but during the summer months you’ll find him there just as often! He’ll have some great vendor recommendations for you, too! While you’re there, keep an eye out for David and Willie, who also frequently sell at the farmer’s market.