ACLU Fights Anchorage

The ACLU is continuing to push the city of Anchorage, Alaska, to extend the window of time homeless campers have to vacate illegal encampments. After a local law made it illegal for the homeless to camp outdoors in the city, and gave violators 12 hours to vacate after being notified, the ACLU filed suit in court. The ACLU is insisting on a 10-day window to vacate encampments, and said it will not drop the lawsuit after the city proposed a 7-day compromise. 

News Briefs: Colorado Springs enforces no-camping ordinance

Published April 2010 Vol. 14 Issue 4

Colorado Springs Police began enforcing a new, citywide no-camp ordinance on March 11.

The Homeless Outreach Team from the police department is reportedly moving slowly through various areas starting with a camp north of Cimarron Street and west of Interstate 25.

No arrests were made on day one according to The Gazette in Colorado Springs. Police issued several warnings and recommended various shelters in the area such as the Springs Rescue Mission and the Salvation Army.

Police are notifying the campers who they issue warnings to that if they are still there in 48 hours they will receive a ticket. On the third day, they will be arrested.

Council members passed the city’s no-camp ordinance 8-1, on Feb. 9.

-- Kimberly Gunning