Discover Denver 2019: A South Broadway Beer Crawl


A South Broadway Beer Crawl

Tour by Robert Davis
Photos by Giles Clasen 

South Broadway is more than the Green Mile. In fact, it should be called Hops Heaven. There are enough bars and breweries on the street to send even the heaviest of drinkers home with double-vision. So, to help you navigate this alcoholic jungle, we created a scientifically tested bike tour of beers, from light to dark to sour, that will take you to all of the breweries that truly describe what the South Broadway neighborhood is all about.

1. The Howdy Western Pilsner

The Post Brewing Company 
2200 S. Broadway | (720) 466-5699 |

Any well-seasoned beer lover knows that the best way to start a night (or afternoon) of drinking is with a hardy meal. Look no further than The Post. This southern kitchen has some of Denver’s best fried chicken and a wide variety of cold beers to choose from. Be sure to get a half bird Nashville hot and pair it with their Howdy Western Pilsner. It’s light, refreshing, and sure to leave you with plenty of energy to make it to the next stop. 

Directions: Ride blocks to W. Evans Avenue and turn left.  Take a slight right onto Evans. Turn right onto Cherokee St. End at Declaration Brewing. 

2. Honey, It’s A BananaGraham

Declaration Brewing Company 
2030 S. Cherokee St. | (303) 955-7410 |

Now that you’ve had a meal, it’s time to get down to business. Declaration offers more styles of beer than most local breweries and to top it off, there isn’t a bad beer on the list. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their Honey, It’s a BananaGraham, an Imperial Hefeweizen brewed with bananas, honey, and a hint of graham cracker. It has a high ABV (a heavy 11.7 percent) and will make you wonder, “how can anything else beat this?” 

Directions: Head north on Cherokee St. towards W. Asbury Avenue until S. Cherokee becomes W. Jewell Avenue.  Ride about half a mile to Pearl Street and the destination is on your left.

3. Platt Park’s Dead Stripe Island

Platt Park Brewing Company 
1875 S. Pearl St. | (303) 993-4002 |

Have no fear, Platt Park is here to top even Declaration with its wide variety of libations that will appease the pickiest of pallets. However, after riding through the previous stops, you’ll probably need something refreshing. If you’re thirsty, try Platt Park’s Dead Stripe Island Lager. It is light in the mouth and has a wonderful citrusy finish that will quench your thirst. If you’re still looking for an adventurous accompanist to your visit, try the Madagascar Dream On Strawberries. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to mix strawberry shortcake and beer, then this one is for you. 

Directions: Head back down Jewell towards Broadway. If you’re hungry, turn right onto Broadway and stop at Azucar Bakery for something sweet. If you’re still on the hunt for your next brew, cross over Broadway and turn right onto a side street just before Acoma Street. Ride half a mile and turn right onto W. Florida Avenue. Then, turn right onto Broadway and end at Alternation Brewery. 

4. The Show Must Go On Ale

Alternation Brewery  
1539 S. Broadway | (303) 802-5340 |

At this point of your journey, the sun is probably getting ready to set. The mountains will soon glow in pastel orange and purples. So, it’s time to start drinking beers that match the scenery. This quaint, independently-owned brewery produces an ever-changing menu of lagers and artisan ales. Their menu changes so often, in fact, that they don’t bother to make a website. For those of you who like sours, try their The Show Must Go On Ale, if it’s in stock.  It’s crisp, but not as sour as a melted Warhead. However, be sure to give all their beers a try. You may have trouble not wanting to go back to taste a new beer every day. 

Directions: Head south on Broadway to E Iowa Ave. Make a U-Turn and head north on Broadway. Stop on Dos Luces Brewery, on the right. 

5. Dos Luces Brewery

1236 S. Broadway | (720) 379-7763 |

Dos Luces is a quintessentially Denver brewery that celebrates the city’s rich Hispanic and Latinx culture. All their beers begin with blue corn, a staple in Southern and Central Mexican cuisine, that is fermented right here in Colorado. They also specialize in brewing drinks that originated among cultures in the pre-Columbian North and South Americas called Chicha and Pulque. This gives their brews a distinct flavor that pairs well with a hardy meal. All the beers are so good, it’s too difficult to recommend a single one. What we can say is you won’t find beer like this anywhere else in the city, much less in the state.     

Directions: Get onto Grant St. and head about two miles south, until you hit Ohio. Go West on Ohio just two blocks until South Broadway and Mississippi. Just a block left you will find the tour’s final stop.