Discover Denver 2019

The VOICE’s 2019 guide to the Mile High City

Introduction by Sarah Ford
Tours compiled by Robert Davis and Doug Hrdlicka
Photos by Giles Clasen 

Welcome to our ninth annual tourism edition. Each year, we put together a series of guided tours that showcase the sides of Denver you may not be familiar with. We strive to showcase some of Denver’s best-hidden secrets — the best, weirdest, and quirkiest places that make up our city. 

In this year’s tours, we take you to some of Denver’s classic establishments that provide a thread of Denver’s culinary and cultural history. In the past couple of years, locals have watched countless staple establishments close, including Paramount Cafe, The Spaghetti Factory, and even Sam’s Diner. But we are highlighting some of the staple restaurants that still speak to the heart of Denver as the city’s culinary scene continues to grow. 

For those looking for some sweet summer happy hours, we also guide you to the best beers on the South Broadway strip, one of the most popular bar scenes in Denver. Plus, where can you pick up a great read about something as obscure as UFO conspiracy theories? We give you some idea in our tour of used bookstores. 

Each tour featured is unique and specially crafted to bring you to places even locals may not know. All tours are doable in a fun day’s bike ride (or maybe with one of the scooters crowding the sidewalks these days). No cars necessary! Whether you’re a longtime local or just visiting, we hope this guide is a fun and informative way to help you find a new layer to the city we love. Enjoy! 

Bourbon Grill.png

1. Denver’s Classic Restaurants

Denver is quickly becoming the who’s who in culinary and the competition has sprouted some truly magnificent new local establishments. As proud as we are to see out city become a pillar of unique cuisine, we are equally sad to see the classics left in the wake of this revolution, as more and more Denver staples shutter their doors.

The survivors of a changing industry are peppered throughout some of Denver’s most notable boroughs. Take this tour and relish Denver’s Champions!

Photo: Bourbon Grill. (Credit: Giles Clasen)

Declaration Brewing Company.png

2. A South Broadway Beer Crawl

South Broadway is more than the Green Mile. In fact, it should be called Hops Heaven. There are enough bars and breweries on the street to send even the heaviest of drinkers home with double-vision. So, to help you navigate this alcoholic jungle, we created a scientifically tested bike tour of beers, from light to dark to sour, that will take you to all of the breweries that truly describe what the South Broadway neighborhood is all about.

Photo: Declaration Brewing Company. (Credit: Giles Clasen)

Mutiny Information Cafe.png

3. Best Used Book Stores

With summer comes one of the best seasonal traditions: settling on a park bench or on your couch for a long, lazy afternoon of reading. As the dog days of summer heat up, visit these spots to find a great, affordable book to cool down with.

Photo: Mutiny Information Cafe. (Credit: Giles Clasen)