Writing Through Hard Times – April 2018

Each month, the Denver VOICE publishes a selection of writing from workshops sponsored by Lighthouse Writers Workshop. The Hard Times Writing Workshop is a collaboration between Denver Public Library and Lighthouse Writers Workshop. This workshop is open to all members of the public—especially those experiencing homelessness. Hard Times meets every Tuesday from 3-5 p.m. on the fourth floor of DPL’s Central branch. The Lighthouse sponsored workshop at The Gathering Place is specifically for that organization’s clients.

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Dean Glorso

The Light Flashes On

The light flashes on
I’m writing as fast as I can
Spill your guts out
Ease your pain

As the world is closing around you
Gasp for air
Breathe deeper
Expose yourself to the world

Or hide all thought
Until time heals you
Fight for a marriage
A woman that you love

But I can’t make her love me
Continue the grind
Until the lights go out?
No it won’t happen that way

Release her….
She no longer loves
Return to the place
You’ve been there before

Alone in the dark
A fever of scorn
Breathe as you write
Leave before night

Relax, relax, relax
Daggers stab deep
Eyes want to leak
Refresh yourself

With something new
Maybe something to chew
But you can’t eat
You can’t sleep

She’s not the only thing
To upset your week
Your daughters agree
You are a bad feed

They loath you at times
For their problems within
But you still have
Your kin hiding in you

Muster the forces
Spin up a grin
Love has no shame
Words on the brain

Let Marvin Gaye sing
“I want you – to want me
But I want you to want me too”

Or please just notice
The good in me once again
Relax, relax, relax
Close now….

Reid Shaylor

Down Again

Living down
I’m putting up
Seeing you around
Oh, Flow on the corner again

Down again

How far will you go
Down again
It’s just another day
How much money will you need?
Oh Flow, it’s time to go again
So where are your friends tonight?
Oh there, at the club
Having a drink or two
Really, they don’t care about you!
That your body has aged so much
Your soul is all they desired

Living down

I’m putting up
Seeing you around
Oh Flow, you gone again
This city has made you old
You’re not young, honey!
Running the streets, won’t make you a queen
Your life is like a well-sung song!
They sing it ‘till it’s worn out
Over, over and over one more time
Oh babe,
It’s down,
Oh Flow, where has all the money gone?
Now you’re up the rail,
It’s that time
Down again
How far will you go?
Back out to the curb
Another day to make your wage
I’ll be looking around that corner
I know you’ll be there
I’ll see you there
Oh just take care
Bring that money home, honey
Because it’s beer night again
Oh Flow, I’ll be there!

Michael Sindler


salt tears — copper blood

diamond vision — golden heart

this mine within you

dig, chip, and extract treasure

share wealth and become richer