Ask a Vendor - May 2018

The “Ask a Vendor” column allows us to share the thoughts and wisdom of the diverse group of people who make up the Denver VOICE vendor pool. Do you have a question for  VOICE vendors? See below for more information on how to submit it.


Are you involved in any activist causes around Denver? What are some of the issues facing the city you are most concerned about? 


Dwayne Pride. Credit: Jesse Borrell

Dwayne Pride. Credit: Jesse Borrell

Dwayne Pride

I am involved in a “Know Your Rights” training right now to let the community know about fair housing laws. Many Denverites are concerned about homeless people. Being a VOICE vendor, I cannot help but speak and write about it.


Penny Sandoval

I am not involved with any causes at this time but I am concerned about being exposed to marijuana in public places. I don’t use it and I don’t like the smell of it. 


Raelene Johnson

As a vendor I have the chance to volunteer and do outreach to give others a chance like I received. Now that I’m a board member I will be doing more outreach. Denver needs to do more to help the homeless get off the street! ■


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