Editor’s Note

2015 was full of changes and growth for the Denver VOICE. Last June, we had to move out of our office at Park Avenue and Champa Street, a spot that had been our home for several years. Fortunately, we ended up finding a great new space in the Mountain View Nonprofit Tower, located in North Capitol Hill.

Newspaper distribution is up 20 percent on average over 2014, which means we put roughly 20 percent more money into the hands of some of Denver’s poorest citizens. Thank you for helping us achieve that.

For the first time in years, content from the VOICE was nominated for an International Network of Street Papers award. We were nominated in the “Best Vendor Writing” category. Though we didn’t win, it was an honor just to be considered (we’re keeping our fingers crossed for this year).

It being the new year and all, we’re introducing a new column in this issue. VOICE vendors have long been suggesting that we add an “Ask a Vendor” column, so we’ll be testing this out for the next six months. Each month we’ll highlight several vendors’ responses to a question about experiencing homelessness. 

Our first “Ask a Vendor” question came from a reader in Stapleton who wanted to know one thing she could give a person experiencing homelessness to make that person’s day better. We received a variety of responses from vendors listing both tangible and intangible things. 

I think this will be a great opportunity for us to share the voices of vendors who aren’t yet comfortable writing something longer than a few sentences. No spoilers here—you’ll have to turn to the new column on page 5 for the answers. ■

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