Ask a Vendor

The “Ask a Vendor” column allows us to share the thoughts and wisdom of the diverse group of people who make up the Denver VOICE vendor pool. Do you have a question for  VOICE vendors? See below for more information on how to submit it.

What is the best thing someone could give you to make your day easier?

Randy Keller
Human empathy. The holding hand of [former Denver VOICE vendor program coordinator] Gretchen Crowe helped me through my first dismal decline into homelessness in 2010. A disappearance of the emotional shock was quite lengthy. She was there for much of the time.

Brian Augustine
I am on my feet all day, so Dr. Scholl’s inserts, size 440.

Albert Bland
It would make my day easier if people would just keep it real—in a nice way! I know people can’t always afford to buy the paper, but I’d appreciate it if they would just smile and say “not today” or “maybe next time.”

Joe Osckel
They could give me recognition when walking by me by saying “hello,” or even “no thank you.”

Mark Wouters
One thousand dollars.

John Alexander
The best thing that anyone could ever give me is the assurance and/or acknowledgement that I am a good person and a great reflection of God and all that He stands for. Many of us may think, “Oh, I would rather have some hand warmers, new boots, a car, even a certain amount of money.” But these things and more are the middle, the tail end of the order of things. Build and keep your life, live with your God, and all other things will follow.


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