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INSP Vendor Playlist:
Street Paper Vendors On Their Favorite Songs And What They Mean To Them

By Street Paper Vendors, Courtesy of
Editing by Tony Inglis
Additional Editing by Sarah Ford
Special thanks to those who translated for this feature:
Patricia Pereira, Melanie Vogt, Kathryn Ness, Louise Thomas, Cedric Horbach, Jessica Michaels, Hollie Davies, Jessica Gert, Sean Morris, Ute Kahle.

Each year, the International Street Paper Network (INSP) features the network’s over 9,000 vendors across 35 countries for Vendor Week, a week celebrating vendors around the world. While it’s important to confront the issues vulnerable people deal with daily, sometimes we can miss the little things that make us all, homeless or not, who we are. So, this year we asked something a little different of vendors: if you could share your favorite song with everyone, what track would you choose and why? Music is universal and ties us together, much like the street paper network ties vendors together from all over the world. The following feature has vendors explaining the meaning behind their choices. As expected, the list is as diverse and eclectic as our vendors. Click here to discover the full Vendor Playlist on Spotify! ■