Writing Through Hard Times – December 2018

Each month, the Denver VOICE publishes a selection of writing from workshops sponsored by Lighthouse Writers Workshop. The Hard Times Writing Workshop is a collaboration between Denver Public Library and Lighthouse Writers Workshop. This workshop is open to all members of the public—especially those experiencing homelessness. Hard Times meets every Tuesday from 3-5 p.m. on the fourth floor of DPL’s Central branch. The Lighthouse sponsored workshop at The Gathering Place is specifically for that organization’s clients.

To check out more writing by the poets featured in this column, go to writedenver.org

Linda L. Magnuson


Pronghorns still race

Across the grasslands

Bull Elks still bugles

In ancient mating rituals

Cutthroat Trout still swim

In cold mountain spring.

Shepherds and dogs still

Keep watch over their flocks


Cowboys still work cattle on

Horse back with lariats

Eagles still float high above

On out stretch wings

Native Americans still dance

And seek visions

Buffaloes still graze and 

Thunder across the land

Autumn still carries the scent

of roasting chili peppers

Stone mountains still echo 

Sounds of clashing Rams

An I am still but a 

Fleeting shadow on the land.

Benjamin Eric Nelson

Salt and Metal

Eternal now

Choice becomes fate

Different ways to hurt

As time creeps along so does the snake

Missing the converted angelic bond

Fruits as first fruits not so common

The wait is long

Fortunes tossed aside

To live under purple sky

Curtains sway

The window bends with the light of poison

Gears grind

The clock becomes ancient trash

Snapping at creatures that gnash their teeth

A starlight dream

Put down the rude and obscene

Traverse the carpet roomed white walls



Swords sharpened from leaf springs of a truck

To die or to follow orders

Decide on luck

But never trust

A lost soul

Cannot control

Life’s vital components pulsate with joy

No longer

No longer sane

Enough on my plate

Taste the tear drops that sting like acid rain

Dean Glorso

Marriage – Divorce

It was a wonderful vehicle 

At its peak

But a sudden bump

Caused oil to leak

At first the proud owners

Maintained it well

On lookers thought

The ride was swell

But the trickle of oil 

Did not seem green

Just a small mess 

And trouble to clean

So the owners tore up 

The ragged pink card

And drove their pride 

To the scrapping yard

No parts to salvage

No parts to save

Just drop it in the crusher 

And walk away