Through the Eyes of a Vendor

This summer Dave Thatcher of Picture Me Here led a workshop for a handful of Denver VOICE vendors interested in photography. Thatcher, a photographer, videographer, and community activist based in Denver, taught us how to frame a shot and tell a story with an image.

After the workshop was over, participating vendors were given a free disposable Kodak camera. The following are some of the highlights from the project.  

Randy Keller

Randy used his camera to capture his daily rituals, or, as he refers to them, his “highlights of monotony.”

Photo: Jesse Borrell

Raelene Johnson

Raelene has been a VOICE vendor since January 14, 2008. “I went from living under a bridge to owning my home,” says Raelene, who now lives in an RV near Boulder.

Photo: Jesse Borrell

Brian Augustine

Brian’s photos are centered around two areas where he spends much of his time: the South Pearl Street Farmers Market and the 16th Street Mall.

Photo: Jesse Borrell