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What is your favorite place in Denver, and why?

Brian Augustine. Credit: Jesse Borrell

Brian Augustine. Credit: Jesse Borrell

Brian Augustine

One of my favorite places to go is the Pearl Street Farmers Market. I like to go buy local foods and support my neighbors. It’s a good feeling, and it makes me eat healthier. I also vend the Denver VOICE at the Pearl Street Farmers Market. From the first day I was there, the people made me feel like I belonged there.

Jerry Rosen

My favorite place in Denver is the Museum of Nature and Science and the zoo. The park and the area are really beautiful and very restful. I like to walk and enjoy the scenery.

Armand Casazza

The place called SAME Café. It has very nice people and great food. I’m thankful for all at SAME Café who give their time to help those who are down and out. I’ve been there a few times; it’s just an awesome place to eat. ■

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