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Jerry Rosen. Photo by Jesse Borrell.

Jerry Rosen. Photo by Jesse Borrell.

Outside of money, what kind of donation helps you the most?


Jerry Rosen

Bus passes or bus tickets. What helps me most are things I need to help with transportation. Any type of food is good, too.

Raelene Johnson

Being outdoors is a hard road to be on. Hygiene items and places to take baths are hard to come by. So, shampoo, soap, and things of that nature are a great help. When I was on the streets and I would get soap or shampoo I would find a gas station, go into the bathroom, and take what we call a “bird bath” in the sink. I ran away at 15, and learned to stay clean that way. It feels better to be clean!

Bryon Skergan

Clothing that fits makes you feel much better about yourself! ■