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Will you vote in November? Why or why not?

Belinda Bowie. Photo by Linette Hidalgo.Belinda Bowie
Yes, I will be voting on November 8, 2016. Why? It’s a very big election, and America has a lot at stake. First, we have Donald Trump, who just wants to set America back. Then you have Hillary Clinton, a woman who is going to change history as the first woman president. And last but not least, I’m voting because my vote counts!


David Gordon
Yes, I am voting in November. However, I believe my vote is a stamp of approval, and because of this I’m not sure if I will vote for president or just let the people decide. I will participate and vote at the local level though. 


Brian Augustine

I am tired of people telling me I need to pick the lesser of two evils. Why? I refuse to choose any evil. Unless I can find a decent candidate, I will vote “none of the above.”


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