Editor's Note

Our cover story this month is an essay by longtime Denver VOICE vendor Raelene Johnson. In it, she details her vision for a self-sustaining community made up of tiny houses and recycling centers. It would be a rehabilitation community for people experiencing homelessness, a place to recycle not just aluminum and copper, but also human lives. 

Raelene met with me multiple times over the past two months to workshop her draft. I’m proud of her, and I’m thrilled to finally be able to share her work with all of you.

Last month, I began hosting editorial meetings for VOICE vendors. I’ve always held writing workshop hours, but this meeting was specifically to talk with interested vendors about ideas they had for stories and plans for upcoming issues. A lot of good ideas came from that meeting, but one subject in particular that vendors wanted to talk about was the “Ask a Vendor” column (you’ll find it on page 4). 

Each month, we select a question from readers to pose to vendors, and then we print a few of the responses. Vendors are a diverse group of people, and this column is a fun way to showcase their unique voices. Questions for vendors have ranged from “Have you ever tried to keep a journal? Why or why not?” to “What brought you to Denver, and why did you decide to stay here after becoming homeless?” 

I’ve heard from quite a few readers that they like the “Ask a Vendor” column. Vendors like it too, but at that editorial meeting the vendors present told me they want more variety from those questions. 

So I put it to you. If you’ve got something you’d like to ask VOICE vendors about homelessness in Denver, email editor@denvervoice.org with “Ask a Vendor” in the subject line. Send us your burning questions. And send us your not-so-burning questions too, because we can’t be so serious all the time. ■


Correction: In our August 2016 issue, we identified Kenneth Damien Hickman as the man who pled guilty to killing a fellow transient in Missoula, Montana. Hickman pled guilty to aggravated assault; Kevin Joseph Lino pled guilty to the murder.

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