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If you could change one thing about the emergency shelter system in Denver, what would it be?

Brian Augustine. Photo by Jesse Borrell.

Brian Augustine
It would have to be two things. I’d change the hours you have to wait in line to get in, and I’d make sure there was enough room between mats to turn over. 

Dwayne Pride
Emergency shelter needs to be more accessible year-round. Because we live in a four-season climate with pretty harsh winters, I think there is a consensus that there is only a need for shelter in wintertime months. Even when it’s warm, there are needs. 

David Gordon
It depends on which emergency shelter. I haven’t been in one in a while, but it used to be you only got between zero and 12 inches between mats. I would attempt to give clients more space instead of pushing mats up against each other and packing us in like sardines. 


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