Ask a Vendor

The “Ask a Vendor” column allows us to share the thoughts and wisdom of the diverse group of people who make up the Denver VOICE vendor pool. Do you have a question for VOICE vendors? See below for more information on how to submit it.


What is your favorite place in Denver?

David Gordon
I can’t say I have one favorite or special place, but one of my favorite places is no longer around. I am a big sports junkie (football and basketball), and there was a sports bar called ESPN Zone where I could watch every football game on a big screen TV. Now Park Tavern in Cap Hill is my Sunday afternoon place where I can have my cold Sprite, chips, and football.

Mark Wouters
If you’re talking about favorite places in Denver, I really don’t have any... Every place you go, its’s all very temporary. It pisses somebody off because they don’t want you there.

Brian Augustine
Washington Park. There is lots of space and trees are plentiful. You don’t feel like you are in the city.

Armand Casazza
I’d say down at the river. More shade, LOL. More peaceful. It’s a nice place to forget the world around you. A place to make everyone smile. A place to dream of better things to come.


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