To My Brother

By Justin Lee, VOICE vendor

Wandering hopelessly, knowing there’s no hope for me

My broken dreams are bottled up inside me like a coke machine

I hope to see the day that I can start to cope with things

Cause my days are such a haze, I’m having trouble focusing

I know it seems hopeless, focused on the broken things

Opening my heart so you could crush it with your closing scene

Just know, to me you’re always gonna be the closest thing

To being twice the man that I could ever grow to be

I’m cracked, scarred, and broken, hoping for the phone to ring

So you could use your thread of life to patch me up and sew the seams


I fell apart when you died, you were so close to me

I’m choking, things I wish I’d said, holding my breath to hold the screams


I go to be alone just wishing you were holding me

Every day is made to break and shake me up, or so it seems

So I scream to let it out and it leaves me so empty

But nothing seems to help because I’m still numb to the blowing breeze