Ask a Vendor

What is the single biggest obstacle preventing you from finding a job or housing?

Dwayne Pride. Photo by Jesse Borrell. 

Dwayne Pride
Right now, there is no place to live. No matter where you apply for a job, the application requires a physical address in order to work. It really seems to be keeping me from finding a job. So I work at the VOICE. As far as housing—it’s all waiting lists. Hurry up and wait is all one can do. It’s just not fair! 

Randy Keller
The single biggest obstacle is probably the way the system is set up. I’m currently in the lottery for Denver Housing Authority and I’m on the waitlist for housing in Jefferson County.

Mike Garcia
My health, specifically wear and tear on my spine and neuropathy. Health conditions are preventing me from doing the landscaping work I used to do.


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