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What is your happiest holiday memory?

Rae Brown. Photo by Jesse Borrell

Rae Brown

When I was 11, I got new roller skates from my foster parents. My older sister got new skates too. Mine were Blues Clues blue. The roller rink was open on Christmas Day, and we all went skating. At one point, the skating would stop and the rink would become a dance floor. My sister had orange glow-in-the-dark boots and we took over the dance floor. That night, it was like everyone was in our world.


Brian Augustine

My best Christmas was only four years ago. Sharon, one of my regular customers, invited me to her place for Christmas dinner. I was happy to go. When I got there, it was four women and me. It was good food and fantastic conversation. No one yelled, no one pointed, everyone was happy to be there. It was the most pleasant Christmas I ever had.


Jerry Rosen

My happiest holiday memory is being close to family and to share the love of God with different individuals.


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