Ask a Vendor

The “Ask a Vendor” column allows us to share the thoughts and wisdom of the diverse group of people who make up the Denver VOICE vendor pool. Do you have a question for  VOICE vendors? See below for more information on how to submit it.


Why do you sell the VOICE?

Raelene Johnson. Photo by Jesse BorrellRaelene Johnson

I sell the VOICE because I can’t get a job anywhere else. I was sleeping under a bridge with no hope of changing my life. Then one day I found out about the VOICE. The first day I received ten free papers and a badge, and walked out of the office with a job. The VOICE changed my life.


T.J. Jackson

The VOICE helps me to keep money in my pocket so I don’t do anything stupid. While I am waiting on my Social Security income, the VOICE helped me to buy a car. It also lets me meet very nice people downtown. I like being a vendor, because I do have the gift of gab.


Willie Smith

I sell the Denver VOICE to keep from falling all the way through the cracks. I earn enough to keep my car—the very last thing I have to lose. The money I make with the VOICE helps me to pay for overpriced prescriptions, to pay for insurance, to survive. The VOICE lets me be my own boss and retain the last little pride I have left. I thank God for the saints and angels that purchase the wonderful paper that I sell.


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