Editor’s Note

In October, a street paper in the Netherlands scored an incredible opportunity: an interview with Pope Francis exclusively for the world’s street papers. The pope sat down with a formerly homeless vendor to discuss poverty, his childhood, and his life in Rome.

There are currently 113 street papers operating in 35 countries. We collaborate with each other through the International Network of Street Papers (INSP); this network helps us share our stories with each other, and makes it possible for us to publish interviews with people like the Dalai Lama (August 2012) and Pope Francis. 

Private interviews with the pope are rare. Whenever the Denver VOICE has the opportunity to publish an interview of this caliber, we seize it. By sharing these international stories, we are able to give our readers a different perspective on world issues. On a very practical level, these stories also help our vendors sell more papers. 

The holidays are a time of mixed emotions for many. On page 5, there is an essay by vendor Robert Lee Payne on the combination of joy and sadness he always feels this time of year. On a lighter note (and on the same page), we’re also republishing VOICE vendor and board member Brian Augustine’s now-famous homeless parody of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. 

Since it’s reincarnation in 2007, the VOICE has employed 4,264 vendors. To continue to do this, we need your help. This month is full of opportunities to support the VOICE, from Colorado Gives on Dec. 8 to signing up for an AmazonSmile account—check our website for details on these programs.

Happy holidays from the Denver VOICE family! ■

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