A Note from the Board — June 2014

Dear Readers:

The Denver VOICE has been developing and growing for the past few years. Like every nonprofit, we are always trying to shift and adapt to the changing needs of the people we serve and care for deeply.

We are experiencing another shift within our organization. Our former editor, Ms. Kristin Pazulski, has stepped down and we have hired her replacement. The board wants to thank Ms. Pazulski for her years of excellent service to the VOICE.

You may not know it, but Ms. Pazulski has been to a great degree the lifeblood of our organization since the fall of 2011. She wore every hat an individual at a nonprofit can wear and she was extremely successful at ushering us through one of the most turbulent times of our organization’s history.

Ms. Pazulski was officially our editor and executive director for two years. She took our organization from the brink of financial hardship and grew it into a well funded and more professional nonprofit. In 2013 she stepped down from the executive director role and became our editor, dedicated to developing writers and expanding our coverage of Colorado stories. 

Ms. Pazulski is leaving the VOICE for a great nonprofit—the Lighthouse Writers Workshop, where she will be working to help develop Denver writers. We know she will be successful because we have enjoyed her writing and writer development for the past few years.

For Ms. Pazulski’s work, the Board wants to extend an ecstatic thank you. She will always be family to us. We are happy for Ms. Pazulski and the change she is making in her life. 

We handed off the gargantuan task of becoming Ms. Pazulski’s replacement as editor to Ms. Sarah Harvey. We couldn’t be more pleased with Ms. Harvey taking on the editor position. Our new editor has been with the VOICE in one capacity or another since 2008. We believe with all of our hearts that we have found the best possible person to further develop the editorial content. 

Ms. Harvey has a great vision for the direction of the paper and the stories we cover. She is a connection to the VOICE we once were—an organization that had the resources and staff to more extensively cover Colorado stories. She knows our history and is using that to inform where we as an organization will go.

It is rare for a nonprofit to have such consistency in staff. We are sorry to see Ms. Pazulski go and we are excited to promote a longtime contributor, staff member, and volunteer. We thank Ms. Harvey for her dedication to the paper and her willingness to take on a larger role in guiding our organization.

We are committed to expanding our coverage of Colorado issues and have expanded our editorial budget for this fiscal year. We hope you support our vendors while appreciating our efforts to bring you coverage of stories often overlooked by more mainstream news services.

The Denver VOICE is also replacing our executive director. We are excited for this opportunity to bring a new person on board who will lead the organization and help us develop a greater vision for where the paper can go in the coming years.

As always, we on the Board of Directors and the entire organization appreciate your support of the VOICE by buying our paper from the vendors we seek to support. Your understanding of our mission and partnership with us keeps our organization fresh and always looking to pivot to new needs and new stories.

Thank you,
Giles Clasen | Board President