The Denver VOICE, first published in 1996, began as a grassroots newspaper created by homeless people for homeless people. During its ten-year run, the paper went through numerous transformations and reincarnations. In the spring of 2006 it temporarily ceased publication.

Denver voice vol. 1 issue 1

Denver voice vol. 1 issue 1

In December 2006 Denver businessman and philanthropist Rick Barnes resurrected the Denver VOICE. Inspired by the International Network of Street Papers, he hired a team of professional journalists to create a new Denver VOICE. The first issue of the new paper was published in August 2007, and we have been publishing monthly since then.

The Denver VOICE now reaches a much broader audience than the original paper, which was primarily published for the homeless population. The new paper is designed to be of interest to everyone who lives or works in Denver. We cover homelessness and social justice issues and publish stories and points of view that are underreported, and that offer insight into diverse communities in the Denver area.

The vendor program is a critical component of the Denver VOICE. When the paper re-launched in 2007, it did so with a formal program to empower people by providing a source of income. Since 2007, we have employed more than 4,000 men and women as Denver VOICE vendors.