Who are the Denver VOICE vendors?
Men and women experiencing homelessness, low income, or a lack of income. Men and women who have worked their way out of homelessness but are committed to their work as a Denver VOICE vendor and wish to continue their employment with us.

Does my donation go to the Denver VOICE? Who does the Denver VOICE help?
A donation given for a copy of the paper goes directly to the vendor. A vendor’s initial investment for each paper is 50 cents. Any donation vendors collect in exchange for a newspaper—including any amount over the suggested $2 donation—is theirs to keep. Vendors are not contracted or hired to collect donations for our organization and should never have a donation box.

Is the Denver VOICE a nonprofit? How does the Denver VOICE work?
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that publishes a local monthly newspaper sold by trained vendors. Our vendors must wear their official Denver VOICE badge at all times while vending. Vendors earn their income based on the donations they receive per paper after they are purchased from our office.

How many vendors work for the Denver VOICE?
Currently we have an average of 50 Vendors working each month.