The vendor program is designed to give individuals experiencing homelessness, poverty, or those in need of an immediate income the opportunity to work. Vendors might be physically living on the streets, or they might be housed but out of a job or in need of additional living income.

Our vendor program provides homeless and/or impoverished individuals with a chance to take their first steps towards a more stable life. The issues that often underlie homelessness tend to make it very difficult for someone experiencing homelessness to obtain and keep a regular job. The combination of income-earning opportunities, job-flexibility, and job-training offered by our vendor program give a struggling individual the chance to work a flexible schedule, learn (or re-learn) workplace expectations, and earn sufficient income to move off the street.

Each new Denver VOICE vendor gets a temporary ID badge and ten free papers. After vendors sell those first ten papers, they purchase additional newspapers from the Denver VOICE for 50 cents each—essentially investing in their own micro businesses. The money the Denver VOICE takes in from vendors goes toward a portion of our production costs. Vendors can buy as many papers as they want, and they set their own hours. Vendors sell their papers for a suggested donation of $2. Any donation vendors collect in exchange for a newspaper—including any amount over the suggested $2 donation—is theirs to keep.

Vendors are expected to abide by the Denver VOICE rules, guidelines, and code of conduct. Vendors may not vend while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and aggressive behavior or aggressive selling is prohibited. Vendors must interact with the public in a respectful and professional manner.